It is now possible to play music on Instagram Stories

It seems that Instagram this time I listen to its users because in this latest update it made possible something that many asked anxiously. Well, it all turns out that the rumors were true first was with the arrival of the video calls and now this. It is now possible to play music on Instagram Stories from the application.

Music on Instagram Stories

The users always tried to solve this problem of wanting to add music to our Instagram Stories, one of them was to record the screen of the phone and play the music from other streaming apps while recording and uploading the video as is.

How can I add music to Instagram Stories

The songs can be chosen from the wide section of Sticker, it will work in the same way when we want to add a Gif or a location. Users who have already updated Instagram can access the music label as seen in the following image.

music instagram stories

The music of our Stories will be added once we have made the photo or we have recorded a video and not before. This generates something messy if we want to create a video dancing and we will have to resort to traditional methods to add music to Instagram Stories.

It is already possible to put music to Instagram Stories is true and it is a reality, however, we hope it does not have many limitations, it is still pending to know if the list of songs will be renewed continuously because some could tire us out. We hope that if this new option is successful.

Facebook and Instagram have signed an agreement with large discographies such as UMG, Sony, and Warner, which makes us think that users will have many options when choosing music on Instagram. We hope that this new feature is manifested in the best way to make more dynamic the Instagram Stories for the more than 400 million users who use this social network.

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