Learn how to pass Telegram Sticker to WhatsApp

Stickers are now the new trend used by young people, it’s a new way of communicating with our friends, but more fun. Many of these Stickers show very exaggerated expressions or are created by the same users. Learn how to pass the Telegram Sticker to WhatsApp in that article.

“Stickers are fun for conversations with our friends”

 Telegram WhatsApp Sticker

Telegram is the application that gives you more possibilities when using Stickers in your conversations or in any case in your Stories. One advantage that Telegram has compared to the others is that it allows you to add stickers of all kinds only from your search section. It is very likely that you are a frequent user of Telegram and WhatsApp, so we will teach you how to correctly use both applications and take samples from the Stickers.

To begin it is important that you download the Personal Sticker app for WhatsApp is totally free and you can download it for free from Google Play. Then you must open your Telegram account and go to download your favorite Stickers, now you must select the settings and in the settings, the panel selects the option that says “Setting of chats”.
Already within the option, you must go down until you find the option that says “Stickers and Masks” where you can see all your installed stickers. Locate the sticker you want to transfer to WhatsApp and click on the three points and select the option “Copy Link”.

Now you must locate at the beginning of the application and write in the search engine the following “Sticker downloader” press on the option and accept it. Automatically you will be inside the conversation where you will have to paste the link of the sticker pack that you copied previously. The bot user will send you compressed Stickers in Zip format. Here you will be sent many files of which you must choose the “webp” format, for your good use you must download the file and compress it.

To follow Learn how to pass Telegram Sticker to WhatsApp you must open the “Personal stickers for Whatsapp” application and grant all storage permissions. Now, this application should show you the Stickers that you downloaded and give you the possibility to use them in WhatsApp by clicking on the “Add” option.

Learn how to pass Telegram Sticker to WhatsApp
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