Now Facebook reactions in comments

Facebook is going through many changes to its platform because it will now implement reactions in the comments. Why does Facebook implement this option? As it seems that Facebook wants the comments to have the same degree of importance to the states.

facebook reactions in comments

Now in the comments on Facebook and you will not use the likes like you used frequently because within these days Facebook reactions will be available as “you love”, “saddens you”, “makes you angry” and all others.

Facebook’s reactions are intended to validate a publication where you are either on your mobile device or computer.

How do I use feedback on Facebook in comments?

The mode of use is still the same you must keep the mouse cursor where it says “like” and this way the reactions will appear. In the case of mobile is the same only that you must have pressed and will appear the six faces with reactions, only select the emotion that causes the comment.

We are all attentive and there is very little left for this option to be available and we can use it. Interaction with our friends through the comments will be more fun.

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