Now we can undo Gmail from iOS

Everyone has sometimes happened to us that we send an email to the wrong person or we just regret to send that email and we do not know what to do to cancel it. Here we will talk about a new app that will tell us what to do in these circumstances since Now we can undo Gmail from iOS.

Now we can undo Gmail from iOS

Since we can undo Gmail from iOS:

This is thanks to a new Gmail app for iOS that has just been updated precisely to incorporate among other improvements this feature. Once the sending is done, the “undo” option appears in the lower right. You will have to be fast because that link only lasts a few seconds, enough to cancel the shipment.

Once this link is pressed, it automatically cancels the email sent and appears as a draft in the application to be edited again and I have sent it. It can be said that this is the best update that has had such application, it has been the salvation of many people and professionals who use this social medium to send and transmit information to their employees, partners or any member of their social environment.

Other updates:

The Gmail app also has a redesign that simplifies the main interface by deleting the box to the left of each email. Gmail on iOS includes search enhancements for instant results and suggestions for correcting bad emails in our emails. This application also includes the gestures of sliding towards the right and left to eliminate of the general view the emails not important (like Notifications or Promotions).

All these new updates in the Gmail app have been like a small gift for all users of this platform, who can now enjoy their account in fullness and above all get rid of that email sent erroneously. Now we can undo Gmail from iOS, no longer worry if you sent an email to the wrong person. This feature will get people out of trouble.

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