Open a Facebook account in English

Can somebody help me? Do not know how to open my Facebook in English? Do I get very complicated to open my account Facebook in English? If you are looking as sign up for Facebook here teach you how to do it in the fastest, simplest and easiest way to do. Just you follow step by step what we’ll show you right now.

Open a Facebook account in English

Do not stay in the past Do all your friends have an account on Facebook and you do not? Do not hold back, do not say “I do not have Facebook in English” to your friends. Today is the opportunity to register and begin to describe new things that will surprise you. Now let’s start with this process you just have to be careful.

How to open my first Facebook account?

To begin you must enter this address thus you will be re routed to the home page of Facebook in English.

When the page has loaded you should place yourself on the title that says “register” would fill only the data you requested in the empty spaces.

  • Full name (must be real data, but neglects can place only one name equally with the surname).
  • Email (must be running and you must make sure you can access it and there you will receive news and updates your account)
  • Confirm e-mail
  • Create password (this data is confidential only you must know, avoids comment to your friends or family to protect your privacy)
  • Date of Birth (do not worry because this data will not appear in your Facebook profile)
  • Sex (male or female)
  • Click on the link “Sign Up”.
  • Now you must enter additional data which indicate that thing you should want to show how no.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful, as you can see is a very simple process. Open a Facebook account in English, do not stand back and begins to live a new experience with your friends and family. Sign Up Now.

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