Outlook change status now

Outlook is the first email service that most people have used at some point in our lives. For in the beginning Hotmail began calling time but decided to modernize and was then assigned the name of Outlook. This service is often used for our jobs either to send or receive all types of documents to our email.

Outlook change status now

Many times in our work there are moments that are very busy and we want to know our contacts in Outlook. Is uncomfortable tell one of our contacts that are uncomfortable and can not attend. In that case, we have the option to Outlook change status now is very simple just follow these instructions.

The first thing you have to do is log on to your Outlook account, once the page has should go to the top right. You only have to click on your profile picture, as several options open: Available, Appear absent, Do Not Disturb and Invisible. Here you only select the option that best sees fit, this way you report your status to your contacts indirectly and saved time.

This and many things can be achieved with an Outlook account email service which first appeared on the Internet. As you can see Outlook change status now, it is a very simple method that anyone can perform.

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