Change Outlook main photo

Change Outlook main photo

Outlook is an email medium that allows us to be communicated with other people, also allows us to put an image (photo), a name to our profile or if we use our Outlook account for work purposes, we can have a logo That identifies us as a company. Here’s how to change Outlook main photo: …

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How do I sign out of Gmail

gmail close account

When we create a new account, it can be Gmail or any other web portal. We have little experience in the tools that we offer, as in the modifications or customizations that we can perform and the most common we do not know how to close the session. In the following article, we will see …

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How to use Gmail

How to use Gmail

Gmail is a free operating system provided by the company Google, this tool is very valuable because it allows us to send any kind of information (images, photos, videos or documents) through emails, to any part of the world. Something very important to access Gmail and know How to use Gmail we need to have …

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The best tricks for Outlook

amazing tricks for Outlook

To all of us like to the vanguard with all the technology that surrounds to us, above all we like to learn those tricks that the rest of the people do not know. Being aware of some tricks allows us to minimize our time at work, it helps us improve our abilities to handle some …

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