Pinterest cares about the emotional well-being of its users

Pinterest has managed to detect the problems of its users so it has implemented a new dynamic so that they can adapt better to the platform. Pinterest faces about the emotional well-being of its users showing different ways to help them, this process was carried out thanks to the initiative of the Stanford laboratory and other institutions concerned with the issue of Mental Health.

“Pinterest cares about the emotional stability of its users”

Pinterest helps its users emotionally

How does Pinterest help its users in their emotional stability? Pinterest will recommend the best every time you look for the word stress, anxiety, depression or any other word that indicates that you are going through a bad time. Here I will show you a series of images with indications, steps, activities, and procedures on how you can alleviate this discomfort and improve your mood.

It is important to mention that Pinterest does not seek to collect information from users who are having emotional difficulties. You can do these activities privately, nothing will be published on your profile. Pinterest has taken the initiative thanks to a study conducted in the United States where it was found that millions of users perform searches associated with emotional health problems.

This new dynamic to help users aims to relieve people’s minds on difficult and stressful days. This action does not seek to replace the psychological help that a professional can offer, but on Pinterest, you can get help quickly and within reach. Pinterest cares about the emotional well-being of its users focusing on positive thoughts and self-help.

This new feature is still in development and first, some tests will be done in the United States through the Pinterest apps. Having positive results will gradually spread globally to other users.

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