Positive and negative to create a Facebook account

Routine for some, create a Facebook account passes as normal for any child today, but there are certain counterparties is valuable to know, especially when creating the account from mobile, you always have to know the two ends of any topic.

positive and negative to create a Facebook account


– You do not have to wait to get home and connect from Ciber, this allows you to create the account from the court while waiting a turn to play or in a moving car, for example.

– You can record instantly on your wall moments you are living and even place as wall picture or your profile, simply by using the phone’s camera and set up your account.

– Allows you to easily synchronize your contacts on the agenda with Facebook to invite them to be friends within the social network, without sending request one by one.


– There is a risk that people see your username and password if you create the account in a busy place.

– You can end up with a virus on your phone. There are many copies of official networking pages like Facebook, if you’re not careful, you can fall into one of those places and end your privacy violated and/or a virus installed.

– If you dwell in a place with high crime rate, it is a risk to get the phone to create your Facebook account or for anything else, stay immediately above (a) to thieves.

Positive and negative to create a Facebook account, any service always concerns various risks, in this case, the positive and negative points Facebook.

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