Post photos outside Facebook is now a crime

The Supreme Court of Spain has issued a judgment against individuals or media that expose the profile pictures of other people without their consent. This also includes for those photos that have been uploaded publicly.

Facebook danger condemns

According to the Supreme Court mentions that publishing a photograph of Facebook is a crime of intrusion into the law of its own image. All this originated from the newspaper “La Opinión de Zamora” where a photo of Facebook was published where it was reported a fight between brothers that ended with a gunshot wound.

Be careful, use Facebook responsibly

According to all this, the court has condemned the newspaper to compensate with 15,000 euros to the person that “borrowed” from his profile to publish it on the front page. Also not to reproduce the photo in either paper or digital version to prevent it being published in the future.

With all this scandal it is possible that this measure expands to other social networks. So before spreading a photo of others, you must be careful with the consequences. Facebook is a free social network where you can comment on any topic but now you can not post photos from Facebook because it is considered a crime in Spain.

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