How to recover Gmail account

There are several reasons why many people have passed the old Hotmail using Gmail accounts, other than mail, gives you access to use a lot of tools Google and networks as well as to create a free blog and use excellent tools for webmaster of Google, for that reason, when losing an account, not being able to enter in any way, some despair, is more than just email what is at stake. With this short guide, you will learn the basic steps how to recover a Gmail account in just a few minutes.

How to recover Gmail account

– The first is to try to enter the account, we know you can not, but try it with any key, immediately will appear under access with the phrase “Need help?”, There must click.

– Once on the next screen, you can choose to enter the options you wonder what is the problem you have to access if you do not remember your login, you do not remember your password or if you have other problems. As the most common problem, we will continue on the assumption that you have forgotten the password.

– When the password option checked, you ask the mail, write and click on continue.

– Immediately we unlock a captcha typing the letters that appear above appears us.

– From here there are two options, you can enter with some old password or an almost exact to the present, no one knows exactly the logarithm but it is known that if the password is very similar, you will have options to recover the account from this He passed. The other option is not to remember a password, clicking this option is going to a new screen.

– From here there are two final options, they can request a code to a number of affiliate phone to the account and the code fully unlock the account or request a code to another affiliate email and with it, make a similar procedure, the result is always to have your account unlocked and fully available.

recover Gmail account

an extreme case of data loss

– There is a possibility that you do remember nothing and have no mail or phone number associated, in this extreme case, you must click where it says “verify identity” on the line that is written below the button continue.

How to recover Gmail account. With these instructions you can retrieve the important data you have in your Gmail inbox, do not take away a long time.

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