The relationship of brands and users on Instagram

Instagram is the social network where the user has found an opportunity to highlight and attract the attention of brands. It is evident that Stories are a key factor because they are very popular, brands want to take advantage of this by contacting Influencer to make their product or service more known. But how does the treatment of brands with the user work?

“Instagram is the ideal social network to relate to brands according to 66% of its users”

Relationship brands users Instagram

The relationship of brands and users on Instagram is very different from what happens with other social networks since on Instagram they tend to be more selective and take into account the number of followers that users have. On the other hand, other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter only use the method of simply follow and add a contact.

Users on Instagram are more strict when the following someone because it is typical that the user of Instagram is only interested in having content of interest. In case you see something that is not to your liking, it simply stops you from following.

The companies have managed to notice the potential of this social network because every day they try to get closer to their target audience. Instagram has become a real challenge for brands because they have to plan well the strategy to reach more people. It is difficult for brands to get loyal followers because they can practically follow you, but if you do not upload interesting content it is likely that over time I will stop following you.

According to a survey conducted on Facebook, it is confirmed that 57% of users of 21,000 interviewed, use Instagram more frequently. In addition, 44% will continue using it during 2019 much more. This gives us to understand that more and more users are more comfortable with the platform and will continue to use it more frequently, this is a fundamental tool for companies that seek to promote themselves in the future.

The relationship of brands and users on Instagram, another fact to take into account is that two out of three users surveyed recognize that Instagram is a platform that interacts more with brands. In addition, some of these indicate that they have found more relevant as compared to other platforms. This is a very difficult strategy and you have to know how to apply them well with the help of Influencers or famous people.

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