Reply and Forward Outlook emails

The most essential or essential thing that every user must know in order to use an email account is to learn how to respond and forward emails from Outlook in the right way. That is why we will explain below the mechanisms that you must use to be able to perform these functions of Reply and Forward Outlook emails.

reply and forward outlook emails

How to send a message

  1. Log in to our Outlook account.
  2. Click on the reply icon, we will also have other options like (reply all messages or forward them.)
  3. A small window will appear where it will indicate TO: We will enter the name of the recipient, in CC short for COPY, a copy of the message will be sent to the recipient and his name will be visible to the other recipients who will also receive the message. CCO abbreviation of WITH COPY HIDDEN, when adding the recipient for the sent of the email, a copy of the message will be sent to that recipient and his name will not be visible to the other recipients who will receive the message.
  4. The next step is to write the message that we want to convey.
  5. Click on the SEND link.

Forwarding a Message

When we do not have time to transcribe a message again and we have the option to forward only we must do the following:

  1. The message includes the attachments that were included with the original message (the recipients, the To, CC, and CCO).
  2. If we want to add additional data, we should only consult in attaching a file or other element to the email message.
  3. Go where the message tells us.
  4. Access where it says the answer, we add the message that we want to send.
  5. Click FORWARD.

Note: When we click on Reply to all, it is necessary to verify well to which of the recipients we want to receive the message. It is often better to use Reply and then add only the required recipients, this process is the same for when we resend the mail.

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