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Currently, Instagram Stories have become very popular as many people use it to share their part of their daily lives with their followers, which makes it more fun that Instagram has many effects that we can apply at any time. But what if we want to share your Instagram Stories on Facebook Will it be possible?

Share Instagram Stories Facebook

How can I share my Instagram Stories on Facebook?

Now you will not neglect your Facebook contacts because now they can see your Instagram Stories as this trick we have for you. This functionality that many do not know serves those people who have many followers as well as those who like to make their joy public about any event. It is important before we start that we have linked our Instagram account with Facebook and for that, you just have to go to the options by clicking on the “three consecutive points” at the top and select the “Linked Accounts” option, click here on “Facebook” and ready. (You can also link other social networks).

To start to share your Instagram Stories on Facebook you must verify if you have the Facebook and Instagram application installed on your phone. Now open your Instagram account and locate yourself in your main profile, enter the configuration panel by clicking on the top right and click on “Story Settings”.

Now you must slide down with your finger to locate the option that says “Share Your Story to Facebook” we must enable the option by sliding to the right until it turns blue and ready now we have to try if it works. We must click on the “+ blue” icon to upload our Instagram Story, which can be a photo or a small recording.

When you have it ready you must click on “Send to”, another window will appear here, click on the first “Share” where your Instagram profile photo is displayed. Automatically a Facebook icon will be enabled that says Your Facebook Story well here you must also click on “Share”. Ready we have achieved share your Instagram Stories on Facebook, you will not have to worry about uploading two Stories in each social network.

Maybe you may be interested also there is a method to block the Instagram Stories of another user, this is ideal to know nothing of a user and simply not interested in its content.

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