Skype allows you to blur the background in video calls

Skype is one of the first to implement the function of video calls, now this service surprises us with its new function. Skype allows you to blur the background in video calls, to use it correctly we must ensure that our background is ordered, we get better results if we have a uniform background.

“Skype will allow blurring the background without affecting the user”

Blur the  background in Skype video call

We give you these tips to avoid embarrassing moments when you try to sort your room when you’re on a video call or even move around until you find a suitable background.

Microsoft this week will add this new function solving the problem of showing a disastrous background, now this can be improved by blurring the background during the video called. Now do not worry when you make a video call where there are many people either in a cafeteria or mall because this option will give priority to the speaker and the rest will go unnoticed. This type of Skype situations will solve us, making our lives easier.

This function in the matter of blurring the fund was in development in the past year. Today as a starting point, within this week this option will be enabled, everything indicates that it will first be applied in the desktop version. We still do not know if this new function to apply for Android and iOS devices, executives have not been pronounced.

Skype allows you to blur the background in video calls, to activate it you must click on the Skype video calling menu. This option uses artificial intelligence to blur background accurately, without affecting the user as well as arms, hands, and hair.

Skype is renewed by implementing this new feature, with this it seeks to differentiate itself from other video call services such as Hangouts and Duo. Skype allows you to blur the background in video calls, within this week it will be available for computers. This gives added value to the best video call communication service.}

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