SOVS the app to pose well in photos

We know how complicated it is to get a photo, everything depends a lot on the good posture and skills of the photographer. Instagram is a social network where the most remarkable are the photographs, so with the help of SOVS we will not go unnoticed. SOVS the app to pose well in photos How does it work?

“SOVS is a Korean app that guides you to have a better posture for the photo”

SOVS app free

SOVS (SomeOne Very Special) is a Korean application that makes its appearance to solve our lives. Now we should not worry about going bad in the photos or not knowing how to pose for the photos. This application tells the photographer how you want to achieve the photos and can give more specific indications.

This application works in a very simple way, you just have to select one of the templates that you like that are on the menu. These templates are presented in the form of silhouettes by means of white lines that are printed on your screen and can be modified according to the photograph. The photographs that are achieved with this application are square 3: 4.

When you have made the photo thanks to the white silhouettes you can only get the photo as a final result. At the moment SOVS is only available for iOS so Android users can not use it. Currently, this application is available in two versions:

  • SOVS (Price: 99 cents): Especially for individual photographs.
  • SOVS2 (Free): More oriented for photos in groups or couples.

As an additional piece of information, you can buy a pack of poses according to the photograph you want to achieve. This application is ideal for use with friends, to try to make very complicated postures and spend a pleasant moment.

SOVS is an app different from the others, it is not the typical apps that only offers filters, in this case, it offers ways to pose and upload original photographs to your social networks. SOVS the app to pose well in photos, if you are an iOS user do not waste time and download this app that will make your life easier.

SOVS the app to pose well in photos
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