Susan Wojcicki and her three commitments on YouTube 2019

Susan Wojcicki the YouTube CEO has addressed all video creators through an open letter on the company’s blog. Here is a review of everything Youtube achieved during 2018 and most importantly, it has indicated the three commitments that this 2019 will assume.

“Youtube’s commitments for 2019 are monetization, interaction, and responsibility”

YouTube commitments  for 2019

Susan is aware that everything has not been appropriate this year, an example of this is the YouTube Rewind 2018 that was the most disliked video in history because she felt it was something the community did not want and that even her children pointed out that they taste.

Susan Wojcicki and her three commitments on YouTube 2019, in view of the new goals that you want to achieve this year, she points out the following: continue to support the YouTubers through monetization, improve interaction and communication with the platform and be aware of the type of content is uploaded to the platform “take responsibility”.

Susan Wojcicki spoke of figures because she mentions that last year the Youtubers with more than one million subscribers have multiplied by two and that they would be having an estimated profit of more than 10,000 dollars, showing a growth of 40% and that the same figure has been showing since 2017.

It is important to mention reality because YouTube suffered a major publicity crisis. The ads were removed from the videos either because of breaches of the policies or simply the companies did not want to show their ads on certain YouTuber because of their non-brand related content. This had an impact on the estimated revenue of the video creators.

The CEO mentions that now companies will be able to choose in which videos they want to show their ads and that the YouTuber to have their videos removed may ask for a revision in case they feel that the company has had an error. This is the main complaint of the Youtuber who feel that they earn less and that the policies are not transparent.

It also makes mention that advertising is not the only method of generating profits because now you can take advantage of YouTube Music and YouTube Premium (viewing videos by subscription) because they are a new alternative to generate revenue. These services have improved their presence in more than 29 countries and here you can generate an estimated revenue of 100,000 to 3,000 for subscriptions.

Another key point is that Susan Wojcicki mentions the possible approval of Article 13 on the new copyright law of the European Union. Both Google and YouTube are working for this law to be approved because it could prevent your browser from having original content without a license. Therefore, the CEO requests content creators to inform their audience about the consequences of article 13.

Finally, the CEO informs of the responsibilities of the platform with the users. It also recognizes that the platform is widely used to inform itself. In addition, it indicates the interest that Google has to fill YouTube with journalistic content in the future.

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