The best tricks for Outlook

To all of us like to the vanguard with all the technology that surrounds to us, above all we like to learn those tricks that the rest of the people do not know. Being aware of some tricks allows us to minimize our time at work, it helps us improve our abilities to handle some of the other programs. For them here we will tell you The best tricks for Outlook that you did not know:

tricks for Outlook

Outlook cheats for your phone and computer

  1.  Learn keyboard shortcuts: Like Microsoft Word, Excel and other Office applications, such as Outlook have unique keyboard shortcuts, at least 247, that allow you to accelerate the work of the user with the program. Learning the ones that are most used can be very useful, besides helping us to reduce the speed of handling of the application. Outlook Keyboard shortcuts:
    • Ctrl + R: Reply to email.
    • Alt + R: Reply to all in the email or change the view of the work calendar.
    • Alt + W: Skip to the next email or switch to the calendar view.
    • Ctrl + M: Send / receive emails.
    • Alt + S: Send email.
    • Ctrl + G: Opens the box (Go To Date) to go to any day of the calendar.
  2.  Save time by avoiding rewriting phrases: If there are usually certain parts of the text you repeat when transcribing an email, you can save them as if they were a quick item and have them available later.
  3. Create a search folder: You can always search the current folder by typing in the search field above the message list and clicking search to get the information you want faster.
  4. Filter the messages to find the relevant messages: these filters represent by color, faster way to identify them visually.
  5. Ignore spam: you can block the email from that particular sender to avoid further messages in the future.
  6. Automatically delete unnecessary messages: If you want to save space or tidy up that hard-to-track email, the Clean up tool. The program will analyze the complete conversation of spam and delete it automatically.

On this page you will be able to find out everything about Outlook, I hope you liked The best tricks for Outlook, apply and make a simpler way to communicate through this medium.

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