Tik Tok and his popularity in young people

Tik Tok is an application of interaction where you can act, dance and simulate singing in order to have fun, but how is Tik Tok born? This application is developed by the Chinese company ByteDance and aims to create and upload videos of up to 15 seconds, to be seen by other users according to the interest of each one, Tik Tok and his popularity in young people.

“Tik Tok is the new face of musical.ly”

Tik Tok is the new face of musical.ly

Many people knew at the time musical.ly that it fulfills the same function, however, ByteDance the purchase for a value of 1000 million dollars on November 9, 2017. Tik Tok makes some improvements to the existing application and gains ground in several countries such as Japan, Germany, the United States, Russia, Indonesia among others. China is the main country where there is more frequency of users on the platform.

Tik Tok since its premiere has had great acceptance by the young audience which is equivalent to 85% of users on the platform. To be more exact, the age range of its users includes 24 years. The competition of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are very strong. How could Tik Tok be kept firm? Here we answer it.

  • Functions and tool of Tik Tok

Tik Tok has a wide section of filters and camera effects that can be applied to the videos for a better result. Also the opportunity to use augmented reality options with artificial intelligence for an improved finish of the videos. Currently, people still prefer music videos as in musical.ly.

  • Visibility and capture followers quickly

If you are a very consistent person on the platform it is likely that you can capture visibility and gain followers, everything depends on how interesting your video can be. If so, you will receive a wave of (likes) and comments from other users in bulk. If your video has potential you have more chance of being shared by others. The Tik Tok algorithm focuses a lot on the user’s history showing videos related to interests.

  • Entertainment without limits

Tik Tok videos are characterized by being entertaining, especially how easy it is to create and upload a video. Just enough to do this process without any previous configuration, here only takes into account the impact and interesting that can be your video. Tik Tok and his popularity in young people this of being to its simplicity and the entertaining thing that is to create videos alone or with friends.

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