Twitter search engine to locate direct messages

Twitter continues to work on its social network because on this occasion they saw fit to add a search engine for direct messages, for the benefit of users. These days the company has been very busy seeing updates and doing some tests for the improvement of the social network.

“Now you can find a specific DM thanks to the Twitter beaver”

Twitter search engine to locate direct messages

The recent update of Twitter to follow up on the responses of a tweet through a temporary subscription, as well as the alternative to following specific topics and better still to silence notifications from specific users. We expect many surprises from Twitter that seeks to become one of the social networks with more true information.

Twitter search engine to locate direct messages, this new option will benefit certain users who try to locate a specific message through the search engine. The problem that was taken into account to add these options is that users wasted a lot of time looking for a specific DM and even worse remembering the date the conversation was made.

Now you can access this new Twitter feature that is available on the web and iOS version. To use it you must put keywords or username in the search bar, then different results will be displayed depending on the search you added.

Some users may see this option as irrelevant since most users do not use this option. For users who use Twitter DM messages occasionally, this option can be very useful, to review messages from customers, colleagues, coworkers or respond to a pending message.

Twitter announced that this action is available for the most recent direct messages, as it was also specified that this new function will be evolving to enhance the use of the search engine. It is hoped that the Twitter search engine to locate direct messages can take into account older messages and perhaps retrieve important information for some users.

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