Twitter suggests which users we should stop following

Twitter does not stop surprising us because now it follows us to which users we must stop following, totally the opposite to what we were accustomed to. This has as its objective that the users have more valuable information about the people who actually follow and in this way spend more time in the social network. A few weeks ago Twitter surprised us in the past by removing the followers of certain accounts to be detected by being bots and now it comes with this.

Twitter suggests stop following

This new feature is in its test base and has generated much controversy in this regard, according to Matt Navarra, the expert in social networks has said that this function has been active for a few days and has the purpose of maintaining a good “feed” and having clear who we follow and above all renew our list of followed to feed us with good information.

It should be noted that this function may seem harmless, however, this has hurt because it has received accusations for its liberal bias. US President Donald Trump and other Republican politicians accuse the platform of belittling conservatives by leaving them in the background. That’s why Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will have to testify before the House of Representatives on September 5.

What will happen if Twitter considers that we do not interact with our president? Although there is no interaction with users that does not take away the fact that your publications are relevant. Twitter suggests which users we should stop following, to gain more trust among its users.

This last year the relationship that exists between users and social networks has been very vulnerable due to the recent scandal of data control. As also the Russian interference in the US elections of 2016 and clear that Twitter was also affected. Social networks are a very important means for decision making or simply create a movement according to any purpose.

The suggestions to apply the “unfollow” is not yet available, so it will be difficult to guess to ensure that users can review it in a few months. If this function were applied, it would also generate controversy and create a great commotion.

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