Twitter will test three new features for voluntary users

As indicated in the title of this article, Twitter will launch three new functions for those users who want to become beta-testers of the social network. The movement seems interesting because the social network used to do this type of studies with randomly chosen users. But now Twitter gives the opportunity to its own users to help launch their new features.

“Twitter invites its users to try out its new features before releasing it”

Twitter will test three new features for users

This was indicated by the social network during CES 2019 (the largest consumer electronics trade show) in the United States, however, it did not give many details of how this type of studies was going to be carried out, just as users will be able to sign up for it. Test the new features that Twitter has in the future. It is possible that not everyone who joins this process is taken into account, perhaps taking into account a certain limited number.

Twitter will test three new features for voluntary users, these will be more focused on improving communication on the platform so that the conversation is healthy. In more detail, the points that are going to be taken into account at the moment are the following:

Status Indicator: Twitter like other applications will show when contact is connected or not. Possibly the way it is represented is the typical green light on the side of the profile picture of the user. I hope this new functionality shows it in a more original way.

States: Now users can place a state next to their name and be able to modify as many times as they want. This type of function is already used in other applications such as Slack and WhatsApp.

Tweets to “break the ice”: These are pre-defined messages that will allow us to initiate a quick conversation with other users. What is sought with this new option is to enhance the direct conversion from the timeline.

Everything concludes that users who are part of this test can share their personal experience with their followers, and they can also see these new functions in action. Twitter is taking this process very calmly to activate these functions for all users, but there is still no final decision just waiting.

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