Uncompromised Google Assistant commands

The artificial intelligence is having more and more prominence at the moment, because several technological elements are already applying this function, improving it more. Google Assistant in the most important of all we find it to a large extent on mobile devices. Uncompromised Google assistant commands, keep reading this article to find out.

“Google Assistant is being applied in electronic devices”

Google Assistant commands rare

The artificial intelligence of Google Assistant has as the main function to do procedure according to the order that we do by means of voice command. This makes life easier and makes all procedures easier, here you can do many things like setting alarms, making calls and much more. If you want to know more about its features you should only say “Ok, Google” then “What can you do?” In moments a complete list of all your main actions will be shown.

Google Assistant command that you did not know

Currently, there is a large list of commands and compatible applications that over time if they are integrated into the system. So it is likely that there are important functions that have been created and we do not know how to use it. Also that many manufacturers of technological devices have implemented this system with established commands, then we will specify in the Uncompromised Google Assistant commands.

I light the shower “Ok Google”

Moon is one of the manufacturers that is using this technology thanks to its U shower system, in order to improve our experience in the bathroom. The command by voice command and applications is to turn on the shower and increase the temperature, all these actions you have to do from your phone from your bathroom.

Cook the rice “Ok Google”

Instant Pot is an artifact that facilitates the task in the kitchen, now you can make rice just a voice command thanks to Google Assistant, so that it works it must be connected through Wifi, you give the order and it only starts with the cooking of rice with the temperature and time to perfection. No doubt a very favorable artifact in the kitchen after a very heavy day at work.

Feed the dog “Ok Google”

It seems something very curious but useful now we can feed our pet thanks through Google Assistant. The manufacturer Smatfeeder has also joined this system through voice commands. Here we can activate the food ration and see if our pet has fed. A very useful device but take into account that this does not substitute the care that we should have with our pet.

Turn on the vacuum “Ok Google”

The Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner is one of the most known products that exist because it has the function of sucking the floor through voice command through Google Assistants, in the same way, we can also order you to stop or return to your base. A very futuristic invention is placed to doubt.

These are the Uncompromised Google Assistant commands, the technology continues to advance and the increase of new command will continue to appear being implemented to new electronic devices.

Uncompromised Google Assistant commands
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