WhatsApp bug that deletes old messages returns.

In October of last year, this WhatsApp bug was manifested by erasing old messages one by one from its users chronologically. Since that problem was presented they did not give any clear solution, they simply limited themselves to recommend installing antivirus on the wrong devices.

“The Bug that deletes the old messages in WhatsApp returns”

WhatsApp bug returns

Currently, it seems that bug has returned because users have reported that their messages are being deleted without consent, the service complaint messages did so from Twitter, where they show their experience and how this bug has been presented in WhatsApp. One user reported that the first message of the conversation he had with his wife was deleted.

WhatsApp bug that deletes old messages returns, because another user is in a more complicated situation because it informs that it has this fault for more than a month, its messages are deleted chronologically and the strangest thing is that it loses at least one history each day of a complete conversation. The user has uninstalled the application several times, as a last measure to reset his device (Moto G4) but without success. WhatsApp bug that eliminates old messages returns, take precautions and safeguard your messages.

This user also informs that he tried to communicate with WhatsApp’s technical service by sending more than 25 emails without having a response type. At the moment WhatsApp has not spoken to this problem. For what is known is that this problem is happening in the Android system because in iOS. Until there is a solution it is advisable to make a backup of your messages as a precaution.

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