WhatsApp images are not automatically downloaded to iPhone

This problem is common in most users of WhatsApp, it has not happened that you have an internet data plan on your phone, however, this is affected by WhatsApp automatically download the images that are they share in the groups that you belong. In moments we will show you that WhatsApp images are not automatically downloaded to iPhone.

“Use your mobile data plan correctly in WhatsApp”

WhatsApp not to download images automatically

Apply the following steps so that your internet plan is not affected, make the most of your data plan by disabling the automatic download of multimedia files, such as images, audios, videos or documents. Here we have the option of selecting if you want these files to be downloaded by mobile data or Wi-Fi.

In order for WhatsApp images to be not downloaded to iPhone, we must go to the “Data and storage” section. A section titled “Automatic File Download” will be shown, here you will be shown the types of files (photos, audio, videos, and documents) that we can store on WhatsApp. On the right side of each option, you must select the way you want it to be downloaded.

The first option that is shown is “Never”, this helps you that the files are not downloaded automatically. This option allows downloads by a manual action with our consent. Now you can have control over what kind of files you want to download within WhatsApp.

Once you have activated this option, each time you receive a multimedia file it will be shown in a blurred way and in the lower part the weight of the file. If you want to visualize it, you must click on it and wait for it to load.

The “Wi-Fi” option will automatically download the multimedia files you have in your WhatsApp conversations, this option does not affect your data plan, but it will only be applied when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, in case this Out of reach of the signal you will have to do it manually.

The last option “Wi-Fi and Mobile Data” is the option that is least recommended because the multimedia file will download it automatically with any of the two options. This will fully affect your data plan and your pocket.

WhatsApp images are not automatically downloaded to iPhone, the best option you can use is “Never”, so you will be free to choose what type of multimedia file you want to download or not.

WhatsApp images are not automatically downloaded to iPhone
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