YouTube pays the YouTubers to stay

This is something that was going to happen sooner or later because many YouTubers have been affected by the new policies because many of them have decided not to upload content or even worse to migrate to another platform. Currently, there are many platforms where YouTubers have decided to bet and one of them is Twitch.

YouTube pays YouTubers stay

YouTube pays the YouTubers to stay, due to this hard blow they have implemented tools similar to the competition like donations and paid subscriptions (tools similar to Twitch and Patreon) in this way the creators of content can have an extra income, but it seems that everything is not perfect, because YouTube always deludes but is increasingly strict.

According to the Bloomberg website, he mentions that Youtube is willing to pay for the big YouTubers to stay on their platform and continue creating content. This is due to the impact that big YouTubers have migrated to the video game platform that is Twitch.

In January YouTube enabled a new form of monetization for YouTubers that is the SuperChat (allows you to donate money from a streaming) a system very similar to that used by Twitch. This new feature has its downside because YouTube is left with 30% of the donation and that does not seem to like the creators of content.

We do not know if these new ways of monetization are to the liking of YouTubers but with the passage of time, we will see if they are happy or migrate to another platform. Hopefully, Youtube will take more corrective measures to keep your audience entertained and not be affected. YouTube pays the YouTubers to stay, now great figures have stopped uploading content either because of the fear of the 3 Strike or they just got bored of the platform.

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