YouTube and the possible elimination of the “dislike” button

It seems that the YouTube offices are looking at how to proceed with respect to the “dislike” button, as this is often a problem when used inappropriately and can cause flaws in the algorithm. Every detail is being analyzed to avoid the massive attack that is given to the videos and some channels. YouTube and the possible elimination of the “dislike” button, hopefully, this will be solved soon and add a better measure.

“Due to the mass attack of negative votes in the videos, YouTube could be removed in dislike button”

YouTube could  remove in dislike  button

The massive attacks to the videos bring in bad consequence in front of the algorithm, the effect of this is that it makes them appear as a suggestion to the users in the platform. This also affects your mind in a negative way.

Tim Leung has perceived that this is a problem to record and to fix it is putting in table three alternatives, the first one is to completely eliminate the “dislike” button which can be annoying for the users, but it is still in analysis. Tim Leung notes that this measure is very radical but that it is not the fairest for all, because he argues that there are several negative votes that are carried out in an organized way, but there is another party that uses the option correctly.

The second solution option would be an update for YouTube developers to have the option to remove the voting counter, this option will not show the like and dislike number that the videos receive. But users will be able to continue voting without any problem.

The third option will ask users to leave a comment for the negative vote “dislike”. Now every time you click on the thumb down option, a form will be enabled where you will have to add a reason for your negative vote. This option provides a lot of information to the moderators and creators of YouTube, so it will be very difficult to review the negative votes one by one.

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