Youtube will still keep the verification badges

It seems that the environment that YouTube has with its content creators is a bit hostile, as the company is always aware of the comments of its users, however YouTube ads in recent days have caused controversy and created uncertainty on the platform.

“YouTube CEO made a mistake in announcing that it will remove verification badges from some channels”

Youtube will still keep the verification badges

The publication of removing the badges of some channels and the new rules of the community was a factor that caused a lot of annoyance in the users. It seems that the platform is applying this measure so that the creators put more effort and dedication in their contents if they want to get the badge. This measure will begin in October, but it has been announced that many content creators have already received an email saying that their channels do not meet the new rules and criteria of verification.

Youtube will still keep the verification badges, first of all, caused by the controversial YouTube announcement. Susan Wojcicki (YouTube CEO) after this mistake and headache apologized on Twitter.

Before all this error about the announcement, it is clear that the channels that already have the verification badge will be able to keep it. For content creators who received the email regarding verification, they do not need to appeal because everything will remain the same and the measure will have no effect. Everything goes on as usual nothing will change with regard to verification as mentioned by Susan Wojcicki.

Everything is clear from the YouTube update and everything remains the same, it only remains to apply the new measures and criteria that will be taken for new users to obtain verification, also new images of the badges that are to come we do not know what forms you will have and they will be classified according to the theme of the channel or according to the numbers of subscribers.

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